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Tony Jonson is Bono

Born and bred in Sheffield Tony has honed his singing, stage craft and looks over the years to become the definitive U2 Tribute frontman.

As well as being half Irish Tony also is the exact same height and build as the real Bono.

In addition to having the perfect voice and image for the role he has amassed a giant range of Bono replica sunglasses, clothing and has even acquired Bono's custom limited edition stage guitar.

Favourite U2 song: One

Jules is The Edge

Also hailing from darkest, deepest Sheffield Jules has been a guitar player for over 18 years and a U2 fan for over 25 years.

His first introduction to the Irish band was watching Live Aid back in 1985, the obsession gradually grew from there and he's since attended many U2 concerts around Europe including Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, London, Prague, Paris and Slane Castle. So not quite as much of a U2 nut as Andy, but not far off!

Jules' first guitar was a 21st birthday present and he's been playing ever since. His musical career began when he was living down in London. 'Dues' were paid in various covers bands in and around London before the *ELEVATION* U2 Tribute was founded. When the band had finally called it a day in 2006 they had played venues across the south-east of England and also completed 2 multiple-date tours of Finland.

Having moved back up to Sheffield Jules embarked on a project to build a U2 Tribute in the South Yorkshire area. Unfortunately it didn't work out. But some useful contacts were made..... including the guys in Rattle and Hum...

So when Rattle and Hum's original guitarist Nick was taken ill in November 2007 they gave Jules a ring and asked if he could stand in - two rehearsals later he was given the green light and has been playing with Rattle and Hum ever since.


Fender Stratocaster, "Black on Black" with custom maple neck - as used by Edge on Under a Blood Red Sky film
ESP Stratocaster, Sunburst
Les Paul Gold-Top - As used by Edge since the Popmart tour
Sunburst ES-335 (for studio use)
Turner Jumbo Electro-Acoustic
VOX AC-30 - as used by the Edge on practically every album and tour
Various effects to re-create 'The Edge Magic Sound'

Favourite U2 song: Ultraviolet (light my way)

Andy Stevenson is Adam Clayton (The Jazz Man)

Born Burnley, England, February 12th 1968

For Andrew, being in this band is 'living the dream'!

His grandmother worked in Dalkey Co. Dublin for nearly 30 years as an Estate Manageress. Andrew spent most of his school and Polytechnic holidays there from 1972 until 1990. One of the children she cared for went to St. Columbus college, Rathfarnaham Co. Dublin, with none other than Mr Adam Clayton!

The house where Andrew stayed was visited during '86 and '87 by prospective buyers. These included Chris de Burgh, Bryan Ferry and some fella called Mr Hewson, his wife Ali, Mr McGuiness, Mr Evans, and his then wife Aislinn. Adam Clayton, who remembered visiting the house as a child, was also interested in the property. The Edge and Bono both settled in other houses in the area. Bono still lives in that same house in Killiney.

Andrew was fortunate at the age of 12 (in February 1980) to get tickets to the now infamous U2 gig at the National stadium in Dublin.

Since then, Andrew has seen U2 41 times. The majority of these were in Dublin in the 80's and 90's. He was present at New York's Madison Square Garden in October 2001 - the first gig after the September 11th tragedy. U2 sight these gigs as the best they have ever done and those gigs inspired the song City of Blinding Lights. Recently Andrew saw them in Manchester, Dublin and New York taking his then 8-year-old daughter Maddison to her first U2 gig at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Andrew learned to play the guitar after being inspired by U2. He toyed around with other students during his Polytechnic days and played in the quite successful Burnley based Pop/Rock covers band RAID from 1998 until 2002. After a chance meeting with Nick at a RAID gig they decided to form a U2 tribute band.

Although Andrew is a lefty he prides himself with using the same equipment as Adam Clayton and even has an old college friend make his stage wear.

Andrew's Equipment:

1 X Ashdown KLYSTRON ABM PRM pre-amp.
1 X Ashdown ABM 1000watt power magnifyer.
1 x Ashdown ABM EVO II 900 Watt bass Head - (Adam currently uses)
2 x Ashdown ABM 410T Speakers - (Adam currently uses)
1 x Line6 XT PRO rack Mount Bass Effects Processor.
1 x Alesis Rack Mount Compressor.
1 x AKG wireless bass system
1 x Behringer Rack Mount Tuner

Bass Guitars

1 x 1978 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst with Maple Neck - (Adam's main bass from the Joshua tree till the mid 1990's)
1 x 2005 Fender Custom shop 1964 Jazz Bass, Sherwood Green with Maple Neck - (as used by Adam on the Vertigo Tour)
1 x 2007 Fender Custom shop 1965 Jazz Bass, with a 1973 Block inlay & Maple Neck. Shoreline Gold - (as used by Adam on the Vertigo Tour)
1 x 2004 Fender Custom shop 1961 Jazz Bass, Sunburst with Maple Neck - (used by Adam on the Elevation tour)
1 x 2006 Fender Japan Precison Bass 1970 reissue in Olympic White with Rosewood Neck. (Used on various tours from The Unforgettable Fire to Achtung Baby. Adam can be seen playing this type of bass in the film Rattle and Hum during the performance of All Along The Watchtower.)
1 X Fender Precision 50th annivesary edition bass, Butterscotch blonde with Maple Neck
1 X 1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass (as used by Adam Clayton on Magnificent on the U2360 tour)

Lets hope Mr Adam Clayton stops buying different vintage basses for every tour. It's costing this Adam a fortune evey four years.......

Favourite U2 song: Out of Control

Fast Eddie is Larry Mullen Jnr

The consummate master of the drums and the driving force behind Rattle and Hum's awesome 'powerhouse' live performances...

Favourite U2 song: Where the Streets have no Name

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